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Sal asked 6 months ago

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1 Answers
Owen Staff answered 6 months ago

Hi Sal,
The fastest, by far, way to get an answer is in the VIP Twitter Feed @MissionWinners. You see, we strap Pat to a chair during market hours; he’s in there trading and tweeting all day long. Yes, absolutely, you can Direct Message Pat in Twitter. Unless the message is of a private nature, we do like them to be in the feed because your question may help someone else in there. But, by all means, Direct Messages are cool. Pat loves him some Twitter!
Next up is the method we are using here. Generally, Pat will make a video in answer to questions posed on the “Ask-Pat” page. It’s not nearly as fast, but the answers and analysis are more in depth. (messages generated via “Ask-Pat” can be kept private if you include that request with your question) Responses to questions posted on “Ask-Pat” are almost never generated during market hours. It does, at times, take us a few days to respond.
Finally, to round out our little trilogy here, there is email. If you respond to any email blast or email info@ or that email will come directly to my desktop and I’ll forward it or discuss it with Pat. He either types a response or makes a video which he sends to me; I then forward it back to the inquiring party. Pat does not use email directly; we decided early on that he would be master of all things Twitter and I’d handle email. (I gotta have something to do to earn my keep)
Hope that helps!

Sal replied 6 months ago

Thanks Owen. I didn’t want to fill the feed with questions if it was the wrong place to post them.