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pbrobert asked 8 months ago

3 Answers
Owen Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Robert,
Video from Pat:

Owen Staff answered 7 months ago

Hi Robert,
Pat uses DTQ iQ data for both his Ensign Software and his IB trading platform.
I’ll offer this info, maybe you’ll find it relevant and beneficial…
If you are looking to open a trading account and you want charting as part of the package, you might check out TD.  TD Ameritrade bought Thinkorswim a few years ago; Thinkorswim is a nice, clean and robust trading platform.  They offer a free papertrade account:!/pmregister
IB (Interactive Brokers) offers very economical trade costs, but you have to purchase a data feed. (That same data feed can be used for Ensign).  TOS (Thinkorswim) charges more per trade, but their software is free and they include data at no extra cost.  (at least that is true here in the states; I suppose it could be different in Norway)
I hope that helps; at least it gives you a couple options.
Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.  🙂

pbrobert answered 7 months ago

Hi, thank you for video Pat, I have a follow up question. I find the pricing and the different real time data products difficult to understand. Difficult to choose the right ones. Which one(s) do you use? Robert