VIP Membership Term – Profile Access/Update – Longer term options?

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Bruce asked 1 year ago

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Owen Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi wiwi Lu,

That’s a good idea.  As we are a very young “company,” we’ve yet to come back around to redo some things on the website.  Creating/expanding the members area is on the list of things to address.  You can access your renewal date from your Paypal account or you can always email me; I can lookup that date and provide it to you.  I do have a reminder alert set especially for you; I’ll let you know when it fires off.

Patrick and I have talked about an annual subscription option.  Honestly, the reason we haven’t moved forward with this as an option is because we are concerned someone might enroll in an annual subscription and then, for whatever reason, wish to cancel at the six-month point. (as example)  We just want to be very careful, especially in this first year, as we are very new on the internet and we don’t want to open ourselves to potential (unforeseen) issues.

Our expertise is trading; although I do have experience doing business on the internet, we want to build a very strong reputation of reliability before expanding too much, too far.  So far, the folks we have as members are absolutely terrific!  I’ve had several businesses over the course of my life and I have to say that this group of folks is one of the most sincere, kind and considerate group of clients I’ve ever seen.  It is an absolute pleasure to work with everyone.

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