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Stevo asked 2 years ago

1 Answers
Owen Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Stevo,
The VIP Twitter feed is here:

Make a request to “Follow” and we’ll add you to the feed. (now… I will say that we’ve had some minor issues in determining authenticated subscribers for the VIP Twitter feed) As long as your Twitter handle is somewhat synonymous with your username on MissionWinners, we should be able to identify and authenticate you. But, if you use “Stevo” on the site and “George Aloysius” for your Twitter handle, it will require us a little extra time to volley and decipher. 😉
Thanks my friend… see you on the feed.

Gino Evangelista replied 2 years ago

Hi Owen,
My user name is outshine and my twitter is @GinoEvangelista.

parag ka replied 2 years ago

Hi Owen, I just signed up. My username is and twitter handle is @ppecten . I have sent a follow on the vip twitter. Please approve it asap. thanks a lot.. parag

Owen Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi Parag,
I added you to the email list just now; the Key List email blast will go out in just a few minutes. I sent a message over to Pat; he’ll accept you into the VIP Twitter Feed in the morning.
Welcome Aboard!