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My goal is to teach you to systematically screen for stocks, organize them into logical lists, and know exactly what to look for in the fundamentals and in the chart so you can become a confident and profitable investor.

We will examine and discuss stocks, also referred to as equities.  However, we will also go beyond equities to dissect and decipher ETFs (Electronically Traded Funds) and how they can be used to balance a portfolio and reduce risk or exposure.

History leaves clues; we will constantly study past great market winners.  We will study past market action to understand what took place.  This will train your mind and your eyes to find great new Market Winners.  We will analyze chart patterns so you will learn to recognize the setups that can lead to trading/investing profits.  We will use annotated charts and we will utilize videos to examine, in detail, what action took place and why.  The goal will be to speed up your learning curve dramatically.

Thirty-one years of experience that has been gained during bull markets as well as bear markets will be shared with you, in detail.   We intend to examine in-depth the human element along with the market to assist you in developing a positive mindset.  A positive mindset is the enabler that internally drives you to increase confidence, control ego, and become increasingly goal oriented.

Equally important, I will encourage and inspire you to find balance between trading/investing and your personal life.  Mission Winners is more than just trading and investing for profits.  I created it to assist us all in leading more productive, well-rounded and prosperous lives.

“I will have succeeded when you don’t need me anymore.”  ~Pat Walker

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