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  • Q: I just signed up as a VIP Member; how do I access the VIP Twitter Feed?

    A:  First, follow @MissionWinners on Twitter.  Then, login to the Mission Winners site and complete the form on this page:  Upon completion, the system will send us an alert to check the feed for your follow request.

  • Q: I’ve heard about the Mission Winners, “Key List.” What is The Key List?

    A:  The Key List is a daily watch-list, complete with trigger prices, of stocks & ETFs we are actively looking to buy if the price point triggers.  The Key List is created each evening prior to the next day’s market activity and is posted on the website.  The Key List is accompanied by a daily Key List Coaching Video.

  • Q: What is The Key List Coaching Video?

    A:  The Key List Coaching Video is created by master trader Patrick Walker each evening.  In the video, Pat covers the current market condition along with each stock or ETF that is on The Key List.  Pat commits a significant amount of time to the creation of each daily Key List and video; committing your time to watching each video is like getting a world-class education in the markets.

  • Q: The Key List: How do I get my hands on this Key List everyone is talking about?

    A: The Key List email goes out each evening, Sunday through Thursday, ahead of the next day’s market.  The email will contain clickable links to take you directly to the Key List post.  You may, at any time, visit the VIP Member section of the website to view current or past Key List posts along with other posts and videos.

  • Q: I’ve been on your site and I see a lot of videos. Is there a place you post articles as well?

    A:  Our means of delivering information is akin to classroom style learning.  We want to share not only the information, but the experience of being in the same room with a master trader.  Through video we can share not only charts, but emotion that can be expressed through voice inflection.  We are a video-based educational service.

  • Q: I’ve lost my password! How do I reset it?

  • Q: Do you have a Log in page?

    A: Yes! Bookmark this link:

  • Q: Where can I find my subscription details?

    A: Profile and Subscription details, including invoices, can be found on the “Edit Your Account” page:

  • Q: What Moving Averages do you use?

    A: We use four Moving Averages: 8ema, 21ema, 50sma & 200sma

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