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VIP Access Form for Discord

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What is this form for?

Access Pat’s Trade Alerts via Discord & Twitter. This form guides you through the process to sync your MissionWinners VIP access with each.

How long does this take to gain access?

Discord access may take up to 30 minutes to authenticate and complete synchronization; generally it takes less than 30 minutes.

Twitter access can take up to 12 hours; this due to it being a more manual process on our side. As soon as we see the form submittal, we check the feed for your follow request.

Can I limit Discord to notify only on official trade alerts?

This video will show you how to do that:

How can I change my Discord User account?

Simply go through the form to change your account. The old, previous account(s), will be removed; replaced by your newly entered account(s)/user(s). We allow 1 account for each Discord per VIP member. 

Is there any Getting Started information for new VIPs?

Yes! Check out our Getting Started page: Getting Started in the Stock Market 101

How can I ask Pat a question?

There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Pat spends the trading day in Twitter; that is the best place to ask; asking there will provide you the quickest response.
  • You can ask during a live session on Discord. Live session schedule is listed on Discord.
  • You can use the Ask Pat Page.
    Note you can search through the 1000+ questions posted here to see if your question has already been asked.

Is there a place I can find the VIP Videos?

VIP Members page

You can fine-tune what you’re looking for on the videos tab via the search box. This searches directly for videos related your topic of interest. Example: Buying, Selling, Reversal, Dip, Down, Dip, Strength, Risk, Capital, etc. (single keyword searches work best)

Note the Advanced Search Box at the Top Right of the page. This searches the full website including the Member’s questions.

Check out the following video for more info on how to use the search features.

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What I want to know isn't on this list?

If you have any other questions, contact support via email

When emailing, please be as detailed as possible.