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Get up to Speed Faster. Dig In & Get to Work.

Getting Started can be tough. We strongly encourage you to plug-in to our system and commit to it for a minimum of 12 and up to 60 months. Learning to trade and invest in the markets does not come easily. There are no shortcuts and no quick paths to success. It’s hard work. It takes time. Sometimes, many times, much of the time it takes is to “unlearn” what you have learned. We find many members bring baggage in with them that must be shed before new and good information can begin to take its place. We encourage you to watch The Key List Coaching video each evening. Think like a winner.  Eliminate negative, non-productive thoughts and activities; stretch yourself to align with Pat’s teachings and develop good habits. Focus on the end goal and understand there will be obstacles and setbacks along the way. Commit to the process. We are there to help you.






Always – Always – Always conduct your own review before initiating any trades. Never simply take our word for it; not only do mistakes happen, but our risk tolerance may not be the same as yours. Never treat the Key List as a “buy list” or a tip service. We are first and foremost an educational service; please always do your own research and trade with care!

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