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GWRE Chart and Trading Tactic

We “KEY” on clean and simple bases. If a stock moves extremely fast out of a base we have trading tactics to enter the stock at lower-risk spots. This video illustrates a real world example from today!  Note that this is a very aggressive trade tactic and we don’t typically focus on 5-minute bars. (especially on Mission Winners)  But the question was asked by one of our VIP Members and we wanted to answer the question.

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  1. John Sahaida

    Thanks for the video. This is really good stuff. Though I am not a paying subscriber …yet…I really do appreciate your time and effort to put these videos up.

  2. John Sahaida

    Just one more thought, what I specifically like about this video is it is an ‘execution’ learning video. I feel like I have a good knowledge of theory but puting things into practice minute by minute and executing trades correctly is really what is missing from most trading education courses!

  3. Avatar photo

    Thanks John,
    Nice of you to say that. 🙂
    Let us know if there is anything we can do to convince you to join.
    Glad to have you hang around and enjoy the site and the company.
    Have a great evening!

  4. Avatar photo

    We do as well. Pat and I were talking about this just this afternoon. We completely agree and although we don’t wish to sound like we’ve got it nailed down; that is Pat’s passion: To teach from actual execution. Pat is not here right now, but I know he’ll nod in appreciation of your comment.

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