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Our Goal

Thank you for visiting Mission Winners. This site is for you; it is about you. Your goals, your dreams, your desires to provide for yourself and your loved ones.

My goal is to educate you so you can systematically screen for stocks, organize them in logical lists, and know exactly what to look for in the chart and fundamental information.  I will educate you on what to look for in winning stocks by constantly looking/studying past winning stocks. We will tear apart the chart pattern. Looking carefully at both price and volume. More importantly, you will know & understand the relationship between price and volume. You will see “strength” others do not see. You will see “weakness” others don’t see. Combined with annotated charts will be video tutorials where we will tear apart chart patterns, bar-by-bar and train our eyes & mind what key triggers to look for in the chart. 31 years of experience will be shared with you in precise detail.

This is not easy. However, thru constant questions, quizzes and queries you will start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I taught on the University level and I realize the importance of a positive environment for learning. The structure of this site will be formatted in such a manner.

It is thru positive experience that we grow mentally and emotionally. Negative thoughts in our heads derails potential for profit. This is one of the reasons I encourage everyone to read “Market Wizards” by Jack Schwager; especially the last chapter on psychology. The biggest part of trading is not what’s before our eyes, it is what’s between our ears. Conflict will play itself out in your trading. We will strive to minimize and finally master conflict.

Undoubtedly, this will be a huge challenge; an undertaking like none other. Will it be worth it? Yes! However, we will really push ourselves. Both mentally and physically. I promise I will strive to inspire you to constantly improve.

I want you to improve, not only in trading but also in other facets of life. Health, Relationships, Mental Attitude. These can move you forward or derail you. Stress is brought on by poor or mediocre health, challenging relationships and a less than stellar mental attitude; stress is not good when trading and poses challenging when investing. We will address that.

One day, not long from today, I want you to say to me, “Thanks, Pat, for making me stick with it.”  Congratulations to you for sticking with it. Congratulations to you on your successes. Both personal and financial. Congratulations to you on growing into LEADERS.