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Marco Cotugno asked 7 months ago
Hello Pat! I'm not sure my question will make sense but i will try, and sorry if i'm going to be too long but i would like to try to be as much specific as i could. So i work as a owner of a real estate company. We basically build and sell houses here in Italy. I like my job but in time would be lovely if i will be able to slow it down a bit and make my live out of investments. I started studying and i ended up on one of your youtube videos (which made me really curious about what you said) and eventually i joined the VIP program. I'm totally new and i have a tons to learn but so far i do really like the program and i'm incredibly grateful for how much effort you put in what you do! it's amazing! As a beginner, i'm starting really low, just to learn and test my skills. Of course with the budget i currently set up for my learning i cannot do much. As i said it's for learning! That been said, i do have, especially thanks to my dad (and a small part also thanks to my job), some nice savings, which if well invested can definitely make me live out of this! What worries me is to have a correct asset management! So what i was wondering is: making 100 out of your liquid asset what would be the correct % to dedicate for stock market? And out of that % would you dedicate a part to some long term stock? And then out of that % how much of it would have invested at the same time? I know that probably my question doesn't have a right or wrong answer, but i'm trying to catch everything i can from people who have success and a lot of experience! every bits and pieces helps and i make treasure of every information! Sorry for the long story and thank you for what you do! it's amazing and i do appreciate that greatly! Regards, Marco  
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Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 7 months ago
Hi Marco, Pat made this video for you...
Marco Cotugno replied 7 months ago

Thank you! Really appreciate the time you dedicate to me! 🙂 All this is really helping me out! By the way heard you talking about that book in others videos so i did bought it and i will use this Christmas holidays to read it thoroughly! 🙂
Thanks again!