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Buy Stop orders without knowing volume

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsBuy Stop orders without knowing volume
Andrew Keene asked 2 years ago
Hey Pat thanks for your energy and positivity!  When i am out working throughout the day i have a hard time keeping up with the trigger prices and volume.   In an ideal world i would pick a handful of stocks off the key list/maxlist and put buy stop orders in with a couple contingent sell stop orders, and not really check on anything until i get home from work.  However with how important volume through the pivot is, i am finding that it doesn't make sense to put those orders in pre-market without knowing if the volume is there.  Any suggestions? Thanks
1 Answers
Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Andrew and welcome!
I made this video for you...

Jonathan Gazendam replied 2 years ago

Great video on buy stop orders, thanks Owen. I’m still a little confused on what is good / strong volume when the buy order triggers? Is there a recommended % above the ave volume which is considered good and green light to stay in trade? All I see is a long green bar as a newbie trader, not sure how to analyse strength of volume bar?