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Clean and simple bases [new member questions]

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsClean and simple bases [new member questions]
Marco Cotugno asked 6 months ago

Hello Pat! Hope you are fine!
I'm here once again asking for your precious time to help me out!
So I've started being part of Mission Winner since a month ago give it or take. Since then (I know it's like super soon), i'm trying to get as much infos as i can, watching videos, asking questions (some already at this point! :)... ) studying charts, watching all your key list videos, making a morning routine which i try to strictly respect even on busy morning!
Based on all this i've taken few trades! Small one because i'm a total beginner, and i'm not gonna risk too much ( i have a budget of 1000$ for each trade and i start all my trade as 50%-30%-20%, so basically till now all my trade were around 500 $ at most.), Like you said if you can't make money with a small budget you definitely can't make money with big budgets!
I'm going to attach picture of my entry points. I'll add just the last 3 because the first 3 trades could have been a small profit which i hadn't because of commission i had before Interactive brokers (I bought for example Snow at 192,7 and commissions were 4,35 per share on entry and 4,64 per share on sell...basically impossibile to trade with that so i'm not taking those into account).
So these Are:
PDD (11/01/2024 at 151,85$) 
ESTC (19/01/2024 at 121,04)
SHOP (24/01/2024 at 82,99)
Prices already includes Interactive brokers commission ( 1$ total)
Anyway PDD, and ESTC Seemed like good entries, number were great, composite rating and EPS rating were great, RS was strong, they broke out on volume but they just didn't go. On SHOP i guess it was my error since i let my emotion taking over and rush the entry cause it seems huge volume was coming in, and i realized like few seconds after starting the position that volume wasn't there ( i probably should have waited a bit longer and check better).
That being said, i was wondering: Am I missing something here? or they just didn't go and there was nothing i could to improve those trades (i'm well aware not all will go).
I'm trying to learn from my mistakes and analyze my behaviour so to improve at this. So basically i'm asking you: Do you have any advice on what i did? is there something i could have done better? 
Just for info i had my stop loss in place and biggest loss was on PDD and it was 4,38%).
Thank you for all your Help Pat! I deeply appreciate your effort your enthusiasm and your help!


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Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 6 months ago
Hi Marco, Pat made this video for you...
Marco Cotugno replied 6 months ago

Thank you Owen! that was the one i was asking for yesterday on discord. And like i said i din’t mean to push for an answer i just was wondering if it went through…
Thank you Pat for your answer! Your positive energy gives me so much strength and optimism to keep learning and trying to be successful!

Avatar photoOwen Staff replied 6 months ago

In Discord, I did not associate the name Coty with Marco. A question such as this takes Pat a little longer simply due to its length and complexity. Thank you for your patience.

Marco Cotugno replied 6 months ago

no Thank you for your help!! and sorry… i really mean it… didn’t want to push!