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andrew_n asked 1 year ago
Hello Pat and Owen, I am a complete beginner to trading.  I took a different online course a month ago and started using Think or Swim paper money account to simulate trades that is it.   I searched the older videos, but didn't see anything about being a complete novice or trading in simulation.  Sorry if I missed it.  A couple of questions I have: How much trading is over trading?  I have been told that over trading is something lots of beginners fall into, so I have been trying to avoid it.  I am trying to limit myself to no more than 10 positions open at a time.   My follow-up question is does over trading matter while in simulation with paper money?  Won't swinging at as many pitches as possible help me to figure out where my pitch is?  Maybe the opposite it is more important though as being strict about not over trading in sim will help develop the discipline I will need in real trading.    What are your thoughts?  Should I be using sim time to develop a hand-ons understanding of what works for me and take lots of trades while tracking my results or use sim to develop strict discipline?  I would also welcome any other advice you might have for complete beginners.   Thank you for your time, Andrew 
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Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Andrew,
I made this video for you...

Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Andrew, Pat made this video for you...