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Developing a Trading Plan: Why You Don’t Need MarketSurge Yet

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsDeveloping a Trading Plan: Why You Don’t Need MarketSurge Yet
hilti asked 3 weeks ago

Good morning from Sweden! First, I want to thank you for a very good service and an incredibly good commitment. One question: If I have this VIP service with you, I don't need Market Surge. Or you still recommend that I have that service.
Best Anders

1 Answers
Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Anders,

Hallå! Det är bra att höra från dig!

You don't need MarketSurge unless you’re at the point where you want to run your own scans. A key to successful trading and investing is taking it step by step. Start by focusing on becoming consistently profitable through trades that follow your trading plan. If you don’t yet have a trading plan, begin by writing trade notes based on your observations and trade executions. Give yourself the time to develop a solid trading plan that suits you. This process takes time because the market constantly evolves, and you must experience different market conditions multiple times to acclimate yourself to the varying scenarios.

Remember, the "M" in Mission Winners stands for Market, and we prioritize that purposefully.