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IBD EPS Rating and Position Management

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsIBD EPS Rating and Position Management
tjbrune asked 2 years ago
Hi Pat, I have two brief questions: 1) Related to IBD EPS Rating: In last videos it was mentioned that this could also be used besides sales and EPS growth numbers. If the latter two weren't good but EPS Rating is good, we may consider the stock a buy candidate. My question is what is a good EPS Rating, what is the minimum value required (e.g. above 90) ? 2) Related to target Position sizes. In the trade logs I see during bear market times you use 20% of regular stock position as initial buy. I also understand you buy occasionally addons, so your final target position size might be 25%. From your explanations in other videos, I understand you immediately switch back to 100% target position size as soon market improves (you use pyramiding though). There is no incremental scaling up to 40%, 60 %, etc as initial buy apart from later add ons. Vice versa when bull market transitions to bear market you switch back from 100% to 20% position size as initial buy. Can it be seen this way or am I wrong ? Always appreciate your feedback. Thanks, TJ   
1 Answers
Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi TJ,
Pat made this video for you...

tjbrune replied 2 years ago

Yes. The explanations help me further. Many thanks for taking time Pat and Owen.