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Adam Nelsson asked 1 year ago
Hi Pat,    About a week ago, we had a conversation about IBD formulas on Twitter, and you suggested we could do a deep dive on this issue. I am certainly interested in knowing more about how IBD arrives at its trademark measures, because I like to understand why stocks show up in my scans and whether I can apply further filters to arrive at the stocks with the very best potential. A good example of what I am after would be $JBL. $JBL shows up in my A/D buildup scan, but is "only" #4 in IBD's group with $SANM being #1. When comparing $JBL to $SANM I see much stronger support to the former than the latter, irrespective of the two stocks' IBD ratings. Since we've had $SANM on the keylist, I could be tempted at looking at $JBL even though its IBD rating is less.  A further thought is that $JBL has a low left to higher right growth over the last three months, while $SANM has a higher left to lower right growth.  Kind regards,
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Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Adam,
Pat made this video for you...