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Minervini and other gurus

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Elizabeth Zollinger asked 2 years ago
After reading all of Minervini’s books, it seems both of you have very similar trading styles. How would you say your style differs from his? Is their anything you disagree with? And do you think his courses and others like his, are worth the price they are asking? I know I’m getting my moneys worth here at mission winners. How do students who want to learn more about the market avoid falling victim to scam artist? Can you point us to some trustworthy sources for those looking for further education? I am not planning on canceling my membership here. I am just looking for more sources to build with (books, courses, whatever). 
1 Answers
Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Elizabeth,
Pat made this video for you..

Elizabeth Zollinger replied 2 years ago

Thank you Pat! You’re the man! Very helpful!