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NASDAQ entry (buy and hold)

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Chris Sweeney asked 2 years ago
Hi Pat and Owen. Hope you've both had a great week. Back in March 2020, the NASDAQ dropped 30%+. I began buying NASDAQ Futures on its way back up around 7800 (up 18%) in 10% chunks of what would be my ultimate position and basically just gritted my teeth and held it and (like everyone else in 2020) made a great return - but for me this was more luck than judgement. Between last November and June, the NASDAQ has lost another 30%. It's now up 20%+ from it's lows and if I look on the Daily, I can see higher highs and higher lows forming and looks like it is about to cross the April 2022 highs. I know you've listed QLD on the Key List many many times but I am yet to buy as I was ideally hoping to wait for you. My old method was to wait for it to cross above the Ichimoku Cloud and for the ADX to cross (hey, it works "some" of the time!) which happened on the 28th July but I want to learn to do things your way. Plus, there still seems to be some nervousness and differences of opinion out there. So, my long winded question is what would you now be looking to happen (or not) for a buy and hold (i.e. weeks) position on the NASDAQ? Sincere apologies for my ridiculously long question. BTW, I'm still long CLFD bought @82 - thanks a million guys. Have a fantastic weekend. Very best wishes. Chris
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Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Chris,
Pat made this video for you...