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Smitty asked 2 years ago

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Pat Walker Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello Kevin,
Welcome aboard! I’ll pour everything I know into this. You’re speed up your learning curve dramatically. I thank you for being part of our “team.”
I look at my messages throughout the day. I don’t day-trade. Therefore I don’t have to stare at the screens all day. This allows me to check other items, such as messages. Information for VIPs will go out, generally, in the evening via email. That email will contain links to the website where I will post content exclusively for VIP members.
We’ll go thru IN-DEPTH how to construct the screens. It’s very methodical. But the routine does not take long at all! We’ll be addressing this quite soon.
Also, reach out to me any time. I’ll help get you up to speed pronto.
Again, I THANK YOU for being part of our team.
Pat Walker