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NFLX (Thursday, Jan 05 2023)

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsNFLX (Thursday, Jan 05 2023)
James Rae asked 2 years ago

My question is about NFLX posted today in the 4 chart block with BABA,PDD, and BA and the caption “No matter what happens will make money on these stocks. I can see how that could be true for BABA, PDD, and BA if one pays attention. It appears a buy of 20% was made on NFLX then a 20% sale. After taking the profit on the 20% sale it appears to make money after the last pivot, a sale would have to be made just below the today’s bar before one could be assured of making money on this trade. Am I reading this correctly? or missing something?
Thanks James

1 Answers
Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi James,
Pat made this video for you...