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Official alerts vs VIP alerts

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Vince Lavorata asked 5 months ago
Pat, what is the difference between official alerts and VIP alerts on discord channel?
1 Answers
Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 4 weeks ago
Hi Vince, Great question! Let me clarify the difference between official alerts and VIP alerts on the Discord channel.

Official Alerts:

  • What They Are: These are my personal trades that I am executing in my own accounts.
  • Purpose: To share my own trading actions with the community for transparency and insight into my trading decisions.
  • Application: These alerts are not necessarily suggestions for VIP members to follow but are shared to provide context and learning opportunities from my trades.

VIP Alerts:

  • What They Are: These alerts are specifically for stocks that I am watching and are suggestions for VIP members.
  • Purpose: To provide guidance and actionable alerts on positions that VIP members currently hold.
  • Application:
    • Buy or Sell Alerts: These could be recommendations to buy or sell a portion of an existing position based on technical analysis or market conditions.
    • For Existing Positions: These alerts are intended for members who already hold the particular stock in their portfolio.
    • Not for New Positions: These alerts are not recommendations to start a new position but are meant to help manage and optimize existing holdings.
In summary, official alerts reflect my personal trades, while VIP alerts are tailored recommendations to help members manage their current positions effectively. I hope this helps clarify the distinction! Best regards, Pat