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Chen Chen asked 2 years ago
Hi Pat: Sorry to hear your Mum passed away, I hope you are ok I always see some company's daily range suddenly become very narrow for long period, not sure what happened, not sure if you know the tickers you can check SJI & SWIR, I wonder if they are bought by some other companies? thanks Andy
2 Answers
Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Andy,
I'll pass along your kind words to Pat.
As for the patterns of SJI & SWIR... a pattern such as that is almost always a buyout.
The company is likely being acquired at an agreed-upon price right near those trading ranges.
If you want me to look into it more, I will, but it's not something we look at as tradable/investable at this point.

Chen Chen answered 2 years ago
Thanks, that cleared my confusion