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Pullback and higher low stop losses

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsPullback and higher low stop losses
ravi bala asked 2 years ago
Hi Pat! Happy Memorial Day weekend. I noticed after watching so many Pat live and VIP question videos that on base breakouts, the good ones really just go and tight stoplosses make so much sense. your stop loss video on base breakouts clarified the trouble I was having with how much wiggle room to give the stocks. “It’s good above the line and bad below the line” makes total sense now. I hope to get the same clarity with the pullback setup and higher low setup in terms of stoplosses. Now if I can execute correctly. I would be happy.
2 Answers
Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Ravi,
Pat made this video for you...

ravi bala answered 2 years ago
Very helpful. I just realized that before you enter any trade, you draw a line on the chart. So all your entries are really clean, which makes the stop loss clean as well. Thanks so much, Pat!