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Pyramiding vs. Add-ons on clean and simple bases

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsPyramiding vs. Add-ons on clean and simple bases
M asked 1 month ago
Hi, Pat, first of all, thanks for the time, patience, and love, that you and your team put into this journey. God bless you all of you. My question has to do with clean and simple bases on Pyramiding (50/30/20) versus Initial 20% and 20% add-ons. I know that you are conservative for new VIP members, so my questions are: Do you will switch to 50/30/20 anytime soon? Or do you continue with the 20% initial buys by default? If you continue to use the 20% initial buys by default, do you think it is possible to let us know (for experienced traders) when to start pyramiding again?
1 Answers
Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Hi M, Pat made this video for you:

Hey M,

This is Pat Walker from Mission Winners. First off, thank you for being a VIP member and for your kind words. When I say "God bless you," I mean it sincerely. It's a big part of my life and I'm grateful every day.

Now, let's get to your question about clean and simple bases and pyramiding. This is a fantastic question. I want to be upfront and say that my overall approach is conservative. My main concern is that some people might not fully understand the risks involved in aggressive trading, and they could end up in trouble. I don't want that for anyone.

I'm a hardcore CAN SLIM guy, and some people have even said I'm like CAN SLIM on steroids. I used to get huge six-figure margin calls back in the day. But for VIPs, I take a more conservative approach to help those who might be newer to this. I want everyone to build a solid foundation of proper buying and stock management before getting too aggressive.

For you, it sounds like you already know your stuff. If I buy something or mention I'm buying, start with a 50% position. I typically buy clean and simple base entries—nothing fancy. Simple bases are my go-to because they're less risky. As you can see, I'm doing this video in real-time, and it's a perfect example of why I'm cautious.

I'm really glad you're a VIP member, M. You sound like a knowledgeable and experienced investor. Go for those clean and simple base breakouts. I'll probably address this in a future video for everyone, maybe not tonight, but soon.

Thank you again, and God bless you. Have a great and safe rest of your day.


M replied 4 weeks ago

Pat, Owen, thanks for the video and your kind words. I understand your position and agree with you.

Thanks again.