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Comment(s) about Mission Winners Service

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsComment(s) about Mission Winners Service
Sarah Covell asked 2 years ago

Dear Pat,

You had asked for feedback on the teaching in your videos.  I recently rejoined Mission Winners after unsubscribing as I pay for several trading services and trimmed back to save costs.  I want you to know that I came back because I missed your good explanations and rationale.  You teach and explain much better than the much more expensive subscription that I recently paid for.

This is a very prominent trader that I am sure you would recognize and may know personally. Not to diss anyone, but I think you provide more value for a very fair price and I want you to know I appreciate it and especially your teaching.  Especially your stressing the importance of sector strength awareness.

Because of you, I am using MarketSmith every day to research stocks by sectors and do more deep dives into sectors of interest; this is so helpful.  I also think you give better trade recommendations and you don't avoid certain sectors which are making money simply because they are value oriented.

Anyway, I find your videos very valuable both for my trade prep and also for learning to pick stocks and manage trades independently.   I also was sad to hear about your mom and want you to know I am thinking of you and your family.

Thanks and God Bless.  -Sarah

1 Answers
Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Sarah,
Very kind of you!  Pat made this video for you in response: