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Selling & Percentage of Shares

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Tyler Evans asked 11 months ago
Hi Guys, Quick question about the percentage of shares you sell. Do you sell off a percentage of the remaining shares you hold or started off with? Obviously, when you start off with 100 shares and you sell 20% off into strength right off the bat you are selling 20 shares and are left with 80 shares.  But the next time you sell 20% off are you selling 20% of 100 or 20% of 80 shares? Hopefully, this makes sense. Thanks, Tyler    
1 Answers
Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi Tyler,

We sell a percentage of current holdings. Using your 100 shares example we would sell 20 shares the first time, 16 the second, 12 or 13 the third and so on. This tactic of selling a percentage of holdings allows us to stay in the trade longer.


Tyler Evans replied 11 months ago

Right on! I like it. Thanks for the quick reply.