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Trade Execution and Volume

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsTrade Execution and Volume
Steve Pimpis asked 1 year ago
Hi Pat, I have a question regarding trade execution that some of you may have experience with. I do my research on weekends and have a weekly game plan ready on Monday morning, the issue I have is tracking volume throughout the day to find a buy point (or not). I work full time have a hectic schedule, a lot of travel and not much time to sit in front of a computer to track volume as price moves through a pivot. I’m wondering what others do, should I initiate buys towards the end of a trading day or aftermarket when I can clearly see the volume pattern driving price increase? Currently, I setup conditional orders in the evening setting buy/profit/stop loss criteria but the volume factor is not in the equation and that’s the problem. Any insight on how people with a busy work schedule swing trade would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Steve
1 Answers
Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Steve,
Pat made this video for you...