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Michael Marshall asked 6 months ago
Good Morning Pat and Team, I have a statistics question if that’s ok I’ll keep it short, im a civil engineer so I have to make the number work in my head 😊, im not currently trading really I’m sitting the background learning whilst raising money for my account so these are the thing I ask myself. I am reading Mark Miniverni’s  Book currently so the question stems from this, please tell me if you think I’m completely wrong. I want to double my account in a Year (feasible I think) with compounding I’ve calculated I could with 10 trades of 10%, crude I know but a guide of what is possible. If you have an account that you split into 4 amounts for Risk, wouldn’t this mean id need 40 trade of 10% to double my account? My Real Question is do you think its possible to have 40 stock in a year to make that can make move??............ Im looking at it from a Risk point of view, to have 40 stocks that work, would mean I might take 80 trades if I factor in the ones that didn’t work. I don’t want it to be a pressure cooker like you have said in webinars and with me being a novice and having no metrics I’d like to know what is feasible in terms of how many stock can move in 12 months.   Sorry if this was long winded Regards Michael
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Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 6 months ago
Hi Michael, Pat made this video for you...