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Trimming positions

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BG Trades asked 2 years ago
Hello Pat. When you trim positions that are moving back to pivot point or entry, are you starting to prune your add-ons first (highest-cost basis)? And then, if you need to trim further, you go with your lower cost-basis shares last, the initial buy? Or do you just trim the average cost basis from all buys? Same question about selling into strength. Do you lock-in gains selling your last shares/add-ons first, or the original buy with lower cost first, or just the default average basis? This is purely from a trading perspective, not tax viewpoint. I know we don't trade around tax implications.  Thank you so much, Pat! ilia (E-lee-ah; Mr.)
1 Answers
Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Ilia,
Pat made this video for you...