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When is a stock extended?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhen is a stock extended?
mutschgi asked 1 year ago
Hey Pat, I just watched your Key List for 09 march. You mentioned "MELI" is extended. To be honest I don't really see the difference to other stocks at the moment.  1.) Why do you consider MELI being extended? 2.) Generally, when do you see a stock as extended? 3.) Do you consider a stock extended in combination with Moving Averages? For example: I like to work with the 50 Day-SMA. Until now I considered a stock extended when the price is 10% above it. But yesterday I bought "ANET" because it was a good setup (my first MW-Buy). "ANET" ~13,5% above 50 D-SMA. "MELI" is about the same lvl above 50 SMA. Why is "MELI" extended, but "ANET" not?   Thank you very much Mario   ps.: I am a new member here. It's really a great system! I already learned a lot. Keep on
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Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Mario,
Pat made this video for you...