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Why We Don’t Share Performance Data: The Importance of Individual Trade Management

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhy We Don’t Share Performance Data: The Importance of Individual Trade Management
ardy zarra asked 4 weeks ago

hi, is there a place I can see past gain / loss of closed positions? Is there a way I can see the Pats YTD performance?

1 Answers
Avatar photoOwen Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Hi Ardy,

Recent trades and current holdings are located:

Beyond that, we don't provide performance data because it can distract and create unrealistic expectations. Performance data reflects an individual's achievements under specific market conditions, which can vary greatly. In this industry, there's an undue emphasis on others' performance, with many services and gurus showcasing their results. However, successful trading hinges on how well you can manage your trades.

While most focus on entry points, the critical question is where and when to exit. We teach our members to scale out of positions by taking profits in percentages, such as selling 20% into strength. Sharing our performance data might lead to the misconception that these exact results can be replicated, which isn't always possible due to fluctuating market conditions. Every trader may buy at the pivot price, but the decision on where, when, and what percentage to sell varies. That's the core of what we teach at Mission Winners: effective trade management.

Pat consistently posts and discusses strategies for managing trades and appropriate actions in various market conditions. Since these actions are subjective, the outcomes will naturally differ among traders. Instead of relying on our performance data, we suggest a more beneficial exercise: download all the Key Lists™ from our website, review historical data, and analyze the performance of listed stocks upon triggering. This might seem labor-intensive, and indeed, trading is rigorous work. But comparing your results to someone else's isn't constructive. Delving into lists and charts to understand market behaviors, what you could have done, and what you learned is crucial for developing your trading acumen. This thorough analysis is essential for evolving as a proficient trader.