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How to select Key List Stocks
ClosedOwen answered 1 min ago • 
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How many days before the earnings would you consider not placing an entry?
ClosedOwen answered 10 mins ago • 
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Level of contingent stop-loss order
AnsweredOwen answered 15 mins ago • 
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Big gap downs
AnsweredOwen answered 2 hours ago • 
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What type of orders do you use?
ClosedChin H commented 1 week ago • 
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Trendline vs Horizontal pivot
ClosedChin H commented 1 week ago • 
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A summary of patterns/setup
ClosedSai commented 1 week ago • 
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Requesting a monthly trade analysis video
ClosedSai answered 1 week ago • 
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ClosedOwen answered 2 weeks ago • 
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Under cut and rally pattern
ClosedOwen commented 3 weeks ago • 
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leveraged funds;qld;slippage and decay
ClosedOwen answered 3 weeks ago • 
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stopping volume
ClosedOwen answered 3 weeks ago • 
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ClosedOwen answered 3 weeks ago • 
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How to handle stops after pyramiding
ClosedFlorian Staud commented 3 weeks ago • 
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ClosedSteve Lugar commented 3 weeks ago • 
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