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Want your image next to your name when you post?

It is simple, quick, free and honestly pretty cool to have your image next to your name when you post.  Oh sure… you can stick with the computer generated models, but what fun is that?  Create your own “Avatar.”

An “avatar” is an image that represents you online—a little picture that appears next to your name when you interact with websites.

A Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar. You upload it and create your profile just once, and then when you participate in any Gravatar-enabled site, your Gravatar image will automatically follow you there.

You may create your own Gravatar HERE.  It’s simple, quick, free and cool.

Why are the Times on these posts so goofy?

We have no idea why the “Times” posted on this page are as weird as they are.  We have been working with the developer of the ‘Questions’ plugin to solve that issue along with others that simply drive us crazy!  In parallel, we are working on our own replacement that will be more a Forum type structure.  We plan to begin testing the forum environment later this year.  ~Owen