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“Sit Out Power.” Patience is a tool in the professional investor’s toolbox.

Professional investors know both when to trade and when not to trade. Developing “sit out power” is critical to both the survival of the investor and to his brokerage account. Right now we are observing many people in search of new or different techniques to apply to the current market. We have seen this happen before over the years and we know it is the designated path to destruction. If you find yourself thinking, ‘this isn’t working so I’m going to look and/or do a bunch of other things in the market right now,’ we encourage you to be patient and wait.






Always – Always – Always conduct your own review before initiating any trades. Never simply take our word for it; not only do mistakes happen, but our risk tolerance may not be the same as yours. Never treat the Key List as a “buy list” or a tip service. We are first and foremost an educational service; please always do your own research and trade with care!

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