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TGT – Target Quick Chart Analysis

Every price & volume bar talks.  We allow the chart to tell us what to do; we don’t place targets on our trades, we sell part of our position into strength and then ride the trend.  Round trips are no fun; selling a little of your position into strength alleviates stress and helps you be a more profitable trader/investor.

In the article [link below] Ed Carson (of Investor’s Business Daily) says, in the very last paragraph, “One advantage of selling into strength or locking in partial gains is that it can give you the confidence to hold through shakeouts and pullbacks, and minimize your losses in a bigger market retreat.”

Always – Always – Always conduct your own review before initiating any trades. Never simply take our word for it; not only do mistakes happen, but our risk tolerance may not be the same as yours. Never treat the Key List as a “buy list” or a tip service. We are first and foremost an educational service; please always do your own research and trade with care!

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