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Free Webinar | Sunday, October 14th | 7:30pm CT


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Not quite ready to give up an hour of your time? Need to know a little more about the content? …and maybe the guy serving up the content? Click HERE to go to a brief video in which Pat Walker takes you through a few of the things we’ll cover on Sunday evening. There’s another “Register” link on that page, so no need to keep track… we’ve got you covered.

Finding stock candidates to trade:  Specifically, HOW to find good stocks in which to trade and/or invest. (how to build a list)

Lists:  Have you heard about The Key List?  The Key List is generated every day after the market closes.  Pat has refined this process of scanning over years of practice and implementation.  We’re going to share, with you, this process, but better yet – HOW IT IS DONE & WHY IT WORKS.

When is it right to sell a stock?  Truth be told, it’s pretty easy to get into a trade.  The larger challenge is, “When do I exit the trade?”  Should I scale out?  How do I know when to sell some?  When do I sell it all?

Cash Preservation & Risk Management: Every successful trader learns how to manage risk and preserve cash. Pat is going to share rules with you that insure you don’t fall prey to “Hope.”

Ask Pat: You have questions and want answers? We’re going to answer your questions.  So if you have questions, send them to  We can’t promise to answer them all, but we’ll give it our best shot!

I want to be the guy, for you, that I needed when I first began trading over 32 years ago.  ~Patrick Walker