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Weekly ETF Market Evaluation & MAXLIST Review – Feb 11 2024

In today’s video, we’re diving deep into the ETF market, shedding light on the intricate dynamics of various sectors and pinpointing individual stocks that stand out. It’s crucial, I believe, to sift through ETFs to understand the pulse of the market, discerning areas that are brimming with potential and those that might be best to steer clear of. Let’s unpack the essence of our findings together.

We start by exploring how analyzing ETFs can serve as a beacon, guiding us toward leading groups and standout stocks. It’s interesting to note that while sectors like software technology and midcaps are showing robust strength, others such as gold miners, oil & gas, real estate, and oil services seem to be on shakier ground.

Delving into the NASDAQ 100, we observe that trending stocks, including the likes of QQQ and QLD, are holding up well. However, the landscape isn’t as favorable for sectors like solar, oil, and energy. On the flip side, consumer discretionary and healthcare sectors present promising avenues worth considering. It’s a mixed bag when it comes to biotechnology and consumer staples, signaling a more cautious, risk-off approach.

Our analysis doesn’t stop there. The IBD 50 list offers a glimpse into the preferences of big institutions, leaning towards growth stocks. This insight nudges us towards recognizing strength in giants like Amazon and Google, while suggesting a cautious distance from Alibaba and Intel. Meanwhile, Mastercard’s upward trajectory catches our eye, though we’re mindful of potential hurdles for stocks like Goldman Sachs and Intel, given the overhead supply concerns.

Focusing on individual stock analysis and trading strategies, Meta emerges as a contender worth watching, with Microsoft, Netflix, and Nvidia also presenting notable buy opportunities. Each of these stocks tells its own story through trends and buying opportunities, urging us to let the trend work in our favor.

As we wrap up our market analysis and trading lessons, a crucial takeaway emerges—avoid jumping into extended stocks and maintain a vigilant stance towards high-priced stocks. Understanding the high or low setup becomes essential, as does the need for caution in the current market climate. Above all, staying objective and allowing price and volume to steer our trading decisions is paramount.

This comprehensive review is more than just an analysis; it’s a roadmap designed to navigate the complexities of the ETF market and stock landscape. By keeping our finger on the market’s pulse and staying informed, we position ourselves for strategic investment decisions that align with our goals and risk tolerance.
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ETFs on our list: ARKG, ARKK, ARKW, BBH, CLOU, ERX, FDN, FFTY, GDX, GDXJ, GLD, HACK, IBB, IBUY, IGV, IHI, IJH, ITB, IVW, JETS, KRE, MDY, OIH, PSJ, QLD, QQQ, SKYY, SLV, SLX, SMH, SOXL, SPY, SSO, TAN, TNA, USO, XAR, XBI, XEC, XHB, XLB, XLK, XOP, XLC, XLE, XLF, XLI, XLP, XLU, XLY, XME, XRT, and XSW. Scanning these ETFs to uncover strength helps us tune in to specific industry groups & sectors

The MAXLIST Review analyzes the performance of the following companies: AAPL, AMZN, BABA, BIDU, GOOGL, GS, MA, META, MSFT, NFLX, NVDA, and TSLA. We evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in the market and identify the opportunities and threats they face. The MAXLIST consists of leading and influential businesses that have the potential to generate significant returns.

Always – Always – Always conduct your own review before initiating any trades. Never simply take our word for it; not only do mistakes happen, but our risk tolerance may not be the same as yours. Never treat the Key List as a “buy list” or a tip service. We are first and foremost an educational service; please always do your own research and trade with care!

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