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A few words from Pat...

"He who has a WHY to live can bear almost any HOW." ~Nietzsche

What is your “Why?”  Why do you want to invest? Why do you want to trade?

I have always had a fascination with the markets. Even as a 10-year-old boy. I love to “figure things out.”

But, I had a more important, “Why.”  After teaching on the University level for several years, I decided to follow my passion and pursue the investments field. I was a Broker and Registered Investments Advisor. I loved the markets and loved educating and helping people.

At the same time, my father became ill. He owned a hardware store. It was just like the “Bailey Building and Loan” in, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Tragically, he passed away and mom sold the business.  She gave me the proceeds to invest.



This money was all mom had; she took from the account every month to pay bills. So, I HAD TO perform. I studied books on investing. I sought out successful investors. I was able to meet and talk with Martin Zweig, Ed Seykota and Bill O’Neil. Each of these gentlemen had a profound impact on me. Thru applying their wisdom, I was able to help my mom for decades. For this, I am thankful and humbled.

So, what is your, “Why?”  I know what it’s like the be, “Under Pressure,” to make money. I know what it’s like to be on a “Mission.”

I would love to help you determine your “Why.” It is wonderful to understand the markets and it’s wonderful to make money from the markets. If you have clearly defined YOUR “Why,” you are ready to immerse yourself in the “HOW.”

What Owen has to say...

If you have the, “Why,” we have the, “How.” Traders who have a reason to do what they do trade and invest better, much better, than folks who haven’t quite defined their, “Why,” yet. Trading and investing is not for everyone. It may be that it’s not for you, or it may be that it’s just simply not the right time for you.

I began learning to be an active investor in 2003. Prior to that, I was busy running businesses, investing in real estate and simply dollar-cost-averaging into the markets. My dad had taught me to diligently set aside money every month and put that money to work in the stock market. I had followed that instruction beginning in 1987; I was a buy and hold investor.

For me, the decision to become an active investor opposed to a dollar-cost-averaging buy-and-hold investor, was on the heels of a phone call I placed to my broker in 1999. I had been following the market; I had been tracking with the moves. Since 1987, when I opened my account, stocks had been trending upward in an incredibly strong bull market. Remember the dot-coms? If you do, you know exactly what I’m talking about and where this is going.

I got my broker and the phone and explained how I wanted to take my entire portfolio and go to cash. If you’ve ever made such a phone call, it will come as no surprise the call took an immediate uncomfortable turn as he vehemently defended staying fully invested in stocks despite the parabolic move that I had determined unsustainable. He successfully talked me out of transitioning my portfolio to cash during this phone call.

I slept on that decision for two nights as I recall; two rather sleepless nights. On the third day I called my broker again and clearly expressed, “I don’t want to hear your opinions or your suggestions, I want to take my entire portfolio to cash today.” That was a very good decision. If you were invested in the markets from 2000 through 2003 you know there was a tremendous amount of carnage and many people lost a lot of money. I never spoke with my broker again.

By March 2003, I had made a decision that I was going to take responsibility for my own portfolio. A few short years later, in 2006, I met Patrick Walker. Today, I have the luxury of trading under his tutelage every day. You can too… if you like.

Trading with family

Last year, I received a call from my brother; he wanted to know more about this business called, “Mission Winners,” that I had been talking about in recent years.

My brother and I are less alike than we have things in common. It stems from core beliefs: He has always had a job while on the contrary, I’ve never had a job. It’s not that I believe jobs are bad; they are simply not for me. I’m unemployable.

As for the things we have in common… Dad taught us each to save money and invest in the market. I began investing by dollar-cost-averaging into mutual funds at the age of 23. I’m sure my brother has done the same, riding the ups ‘n downs until now he’s had enough of what happens to him and has decided to take control.

Learning to trade and invest your own money isn’t difficult. It simply takes time and discipline. As I review at my holdings today, November 25, 2020, I see green everywhere and all my positions are grinding upward. It’s not because I’m so smart; never equate brains with a bull market, but I’m in a number of trades whereby I entered at the right time/price and they just keep working for me. When will I get out? When the chart tells me it’s time to get out. I don’t listen to the talking heads; I don’t even have the news on in my office. The majority of it is just noise; I don’t need or want that noise in my head.


Getting back to my brother… he flies jets. I’ve known him to fly Cessnas to King Airs, 727s, 737s and the gig he had a couple years ago was a corporate deal flying a Lear. Last year he trained on and flew an Airbus A320, This year, if memory serves, he’s on an A380. My points here are: He is a smart guy and he knows better than to try to manage his investments without help from an expert. Also, He doesn’t have 100% of his attention on the markets, on trading or investing… AND THAT’S OK.

He knew he needed to take control of his own investments, so he subscribed to Mission Winners VIP Membership resulting in Patrick Walker taking him by the hand to teach him how to trade and invest with consistent success.

Trade and Invest WITHOUT all the Stress

I was recently asked, “Are you guys traders or investors?” We are both. We look for investments that will trend, but every investment begins as a trade. You see, we are not willing to buy a stock and simply hold it for the long haul… UNLESS IT TRENDS!

Learn to take trades that turn into trends

Good stocks, breaking out of good bases on volume should simply push away to new high ground. When that trade pushes away and begins to trend, it changes from a trade to an investment. How long do we hold investments? We allow the chart to tell us. We have very specific rules that dictate our actions.


I’m looking forward to working with my brother. He’ll be just starting out as a new brand new trader and investor, personally handling his own accounts for the first time in his life. However, he does fly jets; he will most likely handle it.

The Black Friday Investment

100% Confidence

How can we be so confident we can provide you with what you need to achieve the results you desire?

Simple: Patrick Walker has spent over 33 years solving problems and creating proven trading methods.

That’s 12,045 days… and counting.

Conservatively speaking, at least 80,000 hours of obsessive focus on ONE THING: Successful Trading and Investing

Here’s How Our Training/Coaching Works

Interestingly, the way Pat teaches is OPPOSITE of what you’ve probably experienced in other programs.

Instead of creating tutorial videos WE think you want to see, we ask YOU want you want to see and then go to work to customize and create a personalized video tutorial specifically for YOU.

We don’t show you all the latest “hacks and loopholes”. We don’t throw out dozens of new ideas that are the latest and greatest tip or trick to trading.

All that “stuff” would only give you more overwhelm and distraction.

Instead, Pat takes the time to find out exactly what you specifically want and need and THEN creates video-based, directly-targeted course material specifically for YOU.

We know what works because we work it every day.